What's New:

We are currently looking to fill two exciting new roles for 2016. If you are interested in working as a long term voluntary International Coordinator or Project Manager for El Nahual, please click on the relevant link for a full job description and details of how to apply.

Our former volunteer Leila Reynolds interviewed some of the kids who participate the vacation classes. This will be a serie of interviews, let´s start with Eldin.

Questions Leila asked:

1) How old are you and in which grade at school?

2) Your favourite colour and why?

3) Your favourite class at school?

4) Your favourite food?

5) Your favourite thing at El Nahual?

6) What do you want to be when you grow up?

7) Who is your hero?


As we are approaching the end of September, we are gearing up for Guatemalan school vacations! The kids are out of school from mid-October until the beginning of January.

Here at El Nahual, we are currently planning several courses to keep the kids occupied during their vacation time. We have courses planned in Math, Reading and Writing, English, Guitar, Painting, Theatre, and Crafts.

Xela is a great place to study Spanish, volunteer, or both! Here is a great article from XelaWho Magazine: