About El Nahual Community Center

El Nahual Community Center was founded in 2004 in order to address shortcomings in the Guatemalan national education system, particularly in Quetzaltenango and its surrounding communities. El Nahual is located on the outskirts of Quetzaltenango in a sector called Pacajá. This location, which straddles urban and rural areas, was chosen to allow El Nahual to serve as a hub of support for the often marginalized communities outside the city center. 

We recognize the role that we serve in this community as a catalyst for future opportunities by providing education. We are very aware of the social injustices that this community — as well as Xela and Guatemala as a whole — has faced, and we are eager to work to overcome them alongside local residents. We bring this mentality into the classroom of our language students as well, by placing a large emphasis on social justice in Guatemala in the classroom.

 El Nahual is a fully licensed non-profit organization funded by its Spanish language school. We are unique in that we require the individuals who choose to study with us to donate their time to volunteer in the low-income communities that we serve. Our volunteers often take classes in the mornings and then get involved in our volunteer projects, the bulk of which involve helping out with our educational programs for children and adults. We seek passionate, motivated, and self-starting individuals who are passionate about education and want to teach children English, art, drama, music, and sports; help us plan fundraisers and distribute publicity; or assist with a myriad of tasks from repairing bicycles to computer maintenance. An open mind is very necessary, and new project ideas are always welcome should a particularly motivated volunteer have an idea!

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