What's New:

First of all, let me proudly announce that our garden has arrived! On Friday´s lunch we enjoyed a delicious raddish salad made from our very own home grown raddishes!!

Earth Day was on the 22nd of April. Remembering this we held a Semana Verde (Green Week) last week at El Nahual. We started on Monday with a general introduction to the topic spiced with short movies and a Q&A session with the kids. When they started to understand the concept they were very keen to tell us everything they knew about the topic so far. Then for our art project we painted big Earth posters. On Tuesday we talked about the garbage problem (the biggest environmental problem in Guatemala) and collected the garbage around the school.

Come and support our education programs by enjoying a movie night with your friends!

When: Thursday April 22nd

Where: Infinito 7 Calle 15-18 Zona 1

Time: 8:00pm

Last week ended like many others, as the students, volunteers, and teachers came together for our weekly themed Community Lunch. This week however, the theme was ¨green food¨ to mark the beginning of El Nahual´s commitment to ¨going green.¨ We all enjoyed broccoli quiche, cucumber salad, and pasta pesto, as we looked forward to a fresh start.

After a weekend of colorful celebration here in Xela,  students and volunteers alike headed back to school this week.  I was lucky enough to tag along and have my first experience in the classroom. Having done so, I have to say that I have a new found respect for teachers everywhere, and specifically for our fabulous volunteers here at Manos de Colores!! It was such a treat to watch as their fun and engaging lesson plans led to students competitively forming teams and shouting out the approriate color, number, or pronoun with great enthusiasm and even laughter!