Volunteer-only Program

El Nahual is almost entirely staffed by volunteers from Guatemala and abroad. Without the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of our volunteers, El Nahual could not survive. The work of our volunteers is directly responsible for El Nahual´s continued growth and impact on the communities that we serve, and we value the contributions of our staff and volunteers in an atmosphere which fosters creativity, innovation and mutual respect. We are pleased to accept applications for our volunteer-only program for those individuals who want to get involved with El Nahual but do not wish to take Spanish language lessons.

As a full-time volunteer at El Nahual, you will form the foundation of the diverse projects on which we work. The most important project we have is called Manos de Colores. This is an after-school program designed for kids in the area of Pacajá, in order to address shortcomings in the public school system.  Kids come to Manos after school for help with their homework and subject-reinforcement classes. Volunteers in the past have designed and developed a curriculum for Manos de Colores, coordinated large events for the community, and led workshops on the environment.

Next to Manos de Colores, we work with four affiliated schools for whom we´re always seeking enthusiastic and passionate English teachers who have basic to intermediate level of Spanish. If you are interested in teaching in one of the four affiliated schools, please plan for a 1-month minimum commitment.

We also have volunteer opportunities at the local zoo for volunteers with interests in zoology, animal behavior, and mammalogy. Additionally, we have volunteer opportunities in a local medical clinic helping impoverished local residents with triage and medical care.

We are happy to accept applications for our Volunteer-only program on a year-round basis. If you are interested in solely volunteering with El Nahual on a short- or long-term basis during your time in Quetzaltenango, please contact the International Coordinator at cdl.elnahual@gmail.com for more information.